Everything you need to know about camogie insurance

The Camogie Players Injury Insurance Scheme for members of Cumann Camogaiochta na nGael is administered by Willis Towers Watson.

Club members are only eligible to make an insurance claim if they are registered as members of Portumna Camogie Club on before the injury took place. Only injuries sustained during camogie activities (training, matches) can be claimed for insurance.

There is no limit on the number of claims per player/claimant per year. However, all claims must be submitted within 30 days of the injury

Key Benefits for Members

The main benefits are as follows: 

Medical / Physiotherapy Expenses – up to €10,000 maximum per claim

Dental Expenses – €10,000 maximum per claim

Hospitalisation – €20 per day up to a maximum of 90 days

Loss of Wages – cover up to €500 per week from week 3 until 104 weeks

Note: There is no cover for loss of wages for the first two weeks as this is the excess, therefore a claimant must be unable to work for at least 3 full weeks before a loss of wages claim can be considered

There is an excess on all claims of €50 for juvenile members and €75 per adult member. The excess for physiotherapy is €75 for both juvenile and adult players. The club will pay this excess on approved claims. 

The full list of benefits and restrictions on the Personal Accident Policy can be downloaded here

Making A Claim

In order to make a claim please take the following steps: 

  1. Notify the club of the injury as soon as possible
  2. Download and complete this Claim Form
  3. Return the completed form to the club secretary
  4. The club will complete the form and return to you to submit the claim
    1. The club will also provide a letter or a referees report in support of the claim, depending on whether the injury took place at training or during a match.
  5. Send the completed form along with supporting documentation and medical receipts to or via post to Camogie Claims, Allianz, Allianz House, Elmpark, Merrion Rd, Dublin 4, D04 Y6Y6
  6. Share the Claim No. with the club secretary so that the club can track progress of the claim and assist if needed
  7. Once the claim is approved, Allianz will provide a beneficiary form to complete. Payment for submitted receipts is authorised usually with 5-7 working days after form submission.
  8. Additional receipts (e.g. MRI, physio, surgery) can be added to the claim after the original submission is made and will be paid by the insurer in due course. 

Please note: Allianz are experiencing a backlog of claims so it may take time to process a claim. 

If a claimant is experiencing any delay with the claim once submitted, please call Allianz on 01-613 3559 for assistance, quoting the claim number provided. If you are not satisfied with the progress of your claim, please notify the club secretary and we will try to assist. 

Completing the Claim Form

All claimants must complete sections A, B, F and sign the Claimant’s Declaration on Section G. Section F must be signed and stamped by the relevant medical professional (doctor/dentist/physio). The Club Secretary and Count Board Secretary will complete the remainder of Section G and provide any necessary supporting documentation.  

Loss of Wages

Sections relating to loss of wages apply to adult players in employment (or self-employment) only. Where loss of wages are incurred, this must be certified by the appropriate medical professional (doctor/dentist etc.) – section F of the Claim Form. Recent payslips or a letter from your accountant (for self-employed) must also be provided in loss of wages claims.